We are happy to announce here that an all new Time Table Management System is introduced in Victory Scholar’s 5.9(a) release with very user-friendly entry screen and various exhaustive reports.

You can create no. of periods as per your school’s schedule and allocate different subjects to different classes in each period. You can also allocate Primary teacher and a substitute teacher for all the periods. The software will warn you if you will assign same teacher twice in a same period to avoid any type of mistake.

After data entry you will get various exhaustive reports, some of which are mentioned here -

  • 1. Classwise Subjectwise Report
  • 2. Classwise Teacherwise Report
  • 1. Teacherwise Subjectwise Report
  • 2. Teacherwise Classwise Report
  • 1. Teacherwise Occupancy Report
  • 2. All Teachers Free Period Report

You should contact us any time for a complete School Management Software with Time Table Management system inbuilt along with many other modules.

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